Why Renewable Energy is Better Than Fossil Fuels

Nowadays, our ecosystem is slowly damaged because of the pollutants that plantations and factories release. This pollution makes the atmosphere have holes in which global warming took place. When global warming issues arise, our climate also changes. Climate change affects the environment and the earth and if worsen, it may lead to earthquakes, and many more. 

There are some factories or plantations nowadays who use fossil fuels or coals in producing electricity. But the problem is that these types of factories releases pollution in the environment such as carbon dioxide that causes global warming. In order to avoid this, pollution must be avoided to be produced in order to avoid the release of carbon dioxide.  

With this, engineers discovered ways in order to produce energy that gives energy that can be used as electricity. One of their ways is using windmills and solar panels. Windmills are run and operated by the use of wind pressures. While the solar panels are operated through the use of sunlight in order to produce electricity. There are companies nowadays that supply renewable energy with a lower cost. 

So what are the reasons on why renewable energy is better than fossil fuels? Here are the list. 

  • Renewable energy do not emit CO2 or Carbon Dioxide. Renewable energy does not emit CO2 or Carbon Dioxide. It is because the factories and plantations who make electricity out of fossil fuel releases pollution and carbon dioxide that causes the environment to have issues with global warming. The global warming effect has much more complicated effects when it worsens. It is because global warming causes the climate to change. When this happens, earth would be hotter than it usually is and much colder than the normal state of climate of the weather. When heat increases, snow that is attached to the surfaces of the mountains would start to melt. When the snow melts, large amounts of water will be produced and may cause floods or tidal waves especially when strong waves come with it. 
  • Renewable energy has less maintenance. Because of the reason that renewable energy is produced through windmills and solar panels. Solar panels produce solar energy which is used to make electricity. Also, the windmills produce energy for electricity through wind pressures. Since they have less equipment, and machineries to sustain, it only needs less maintenance. Also, it does not need fuels to operate the said windmills and solar panels. Only big batteries are needed to store energy that can be used as electricity to homes and to other things that need electricity or energy. 
  • Renewable energy is much cheaper than fossil fuels. For sure, renewable energy is much cheaper. It is because it needs less maintenance and it does not need fuel to operate. Also, renewable energy has less equipment to be used than the factories or plantations of electric companies. 
  • Renewable energy is cleaner. Renewable energy is cleaner because it does not release pollution and does not use fuels to produce solar energy or electricity. Renewable energy only needs sunlight for solar panels and wind for windmills to produce energy.