Remodeling can be expensive but you can always pull off a good remodel without spending too much. Being on top of your finances when remodeling your home or a part of your home like your bathroom not only gives you extra cash when you need it the most but it will also ensure that you will have extra for unexpected costs for your bathroom accessories after the remodel. Plus, remodeling your bathroom will elate the value of your home for future purposes.  

So, here are some ideas that will not hurt your budget.  

1. Tile Limit 

Tiles can be expensive. In order to save some of your budget, limit your tile count and bring more attention to the floors of your bathroom. Focusing on the bathroom floors of your bathroom will give your remodel more impact. Moreover, if you want your space to appear to have more space or high ceiling then always place your tiles horizontally. Involve accent tiles in your design and give your bathroom a look even if you have cheap tiles as well. 

2. Counter Tops 

If you have a bathroom, a counter top made of granite idea should be thrown out the window. There are ways you can save money on your bathroom counter top and that starts with the color. Colors that are neutral to the eyes like shades of brown on the lighter side are very popular and can be on the pricier side thus try to be creative and give other colors a chance.  

If you really want granite counter tops, you can also buy the ones that have a bit of damage or imperfections that are visible. Giving a granite slab with a damage a chance will give you a chance to have that dream granite counter top while keeping in mind that you can always keep the parts with damage from where the sink will be.  

3. Paint 

If you don’t have a lot to spend, then repainting will be the cheapest and, perhaps, the most effective way to give your bathroom a new look. If you have a bathroom that is on the smaller side, you can always try to do the painting process in a slower manner just to ensure that you are avoiding areas that does not need to be painted on. Moreover, if you invest on paint make sure that you are investing on a paint that has high quality because mildew and mold can easily be developed in the bathroom.  

4. Fixtures 

If you want to remodel your bathroom and make it as brand new looking as possible, try to look at your bathroom’s details. The faucets, lighting, racks for your towels and drawers. You can always switch it so you can achieve a much more finished look.  

Moreover, if you think this is a pricey part of the list, you can always buy from stores that offer more affordable prices than going to stores that are on the pricier side.  

If ever you want help with your bathroom remodel project, bathroom remodeling contractor in Springfield will help you achieve the bathroom you want.