There are different structures that can be found in a farm. Here are some of them. 

1. Farmhouse  

This structure is used by the family owner or the farmers and workers of the farm. Sometimes this structure is often connected with a barn.  

2. Barn  

A barn is a multi-purpose structure. It can be a shelter to some hays or grains and it can also be a form of storage for the produce of the farm and the supplies and machinery that is being used. There can be a variety of barns and they are named in accordance to their purpose.  

3. Chicken house 

Chicken especially female chickens are kept in chicken houses or chicken coops. This structure is purposely made to ensure the safety of the chickens and of the eggs the female chickens lay. However, chickens are not entirely in the coop, this structure has a door to make way for the chicken to go out if they want to play outside and as access to go inside if there is a rain.  

4. Brooder house  

This structure is used to keep livestock that are younger, mostly poultry. It is a shelter that is enclosed and heated. 

5. Cow-shed  

This structure is also known as a barn however it is designed to keep cows alone.  

6. Shed  

When it comes to keeping your farm equipment or a place to work then a shed is built for that purpose.  

7. Stable  

A stable is a home for the horses. Sometimes it is used for livestock however oftentimes, it only house horses.  

8. Silo  

A silo is a place of storing some corn, grains such as rice or even silage and sometimes any produce from the farm. You might be wondering what silage is? Silage is a feed that is fermented like hay that is dried or straw that is a feed for cattle. Some of the most common silos nowadays are the tower type, bag silos or bunker ones. 

9. Greenhouse 

When it comes to cultivating plants, a greenhouse is an area where weather can be regulated in order for the plants to thrive even in the worst weather conditions. Greenhouses are mostly made of glass roofs or is made of glass in general.  

10. Milking Shed 

If milk is not pasteurized a milking shed is very important. This enables a hygienic way to produce milk.  

11. Root cellar 

This is not very common in today’s farming strategy. This is a facility to store vegetables and fruits and is mostly used and more convenient to places that experiences very cold weather. Through this facility, vegetables and fruits are protected more from the cold weather.  

12. Sty 

A sty also known as pigpen is a way to rear pigs. 

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